The e-system for permit and license provides waste management services to companies, establishment… etc. by submitting requests on the platform and wait for approvals.

What is the main goal of the system?

The e-system of permit and license aims to receive licensing requests electronically, and it allows the applicant to follow-up the status of his/her request without the need to visit the Center.

The system allows the applicant to provide his/her main data, choose the type of the required permit or license, and attach all required data to be reviewed and evaluated by the General Department of License at the National Center for Waste Management, they are as follows:

  • Notifying applicants about the process or requesting additional information.
  • Refusal or acceptance of requests.
  • Issuing permit and license by the Center.

It is a document granted by the National Center for Waste Management to waste recycling facilities. You must obtain this document before issuing licenses for such facilities from the competent authority.


It is a written permission issued by the National Center for Waste Management in order to conduct any activity related to waste management in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Methods for obtaining permits and licenses
  1. Visit the permit and license platform   (Press here)   then log in if the user is already registered then use create a new account.
  2. After logging to the account, the applicant can request a license or permit for his/her activity.
  3. In case you want to request a new permit or license then you must choose from the list on the right “Permit or License” and then choose Create.
  4. After that, you must fill all the required fields and select the main and sub-activity.
  5. Download the required files.
  6. Now you can select “Save” to complete the application and in this case it will be “under construction”. 
  7. After completing the requirements, uploading the files, and pledged the validity of the information, click on Submit to create and send the request.
  8. The applicant and the General Department of Permits and License will receive a notification e-mail of the registration.

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To install this Web App in your ISO device press and then Add to Home Screen.