Strategic Master Plan

Strategic Master Plan Overview:

The strategic master plan is considered one of the most important projects to be implemented by the center that aims to improve the national waste management sector. It sets the national strategy for waste management, assesses the existing conditions and diagnoses waste in each region of the Kingdom to create a national baseline database and ultimately produce a comprehensive and nationally integrated plan for each region or “Cluster” that includes an integrated and sustainable solution.

Expected impact

Develop an integrated technical and economic plan to divert 82% of waste from landfills by 2035, and effectively implement the principles of circular economy

Develop synergies between all stakeholders across the sector with integrated and unified solutions.

Raising the level of waste utilization and reducing government burdens spent on its management

Reducing the environmental value incurred by the Kingdom from the waste production and management system

Key Outcomes

National Waste Management Strategy

The unified framework for planning proper clustering of the Kingdom

Diagnosis and classification of all types of waste (municipal solid, industrial, sludge, agricultural, special waste...)

Actual baseline for national and local waste generation level (with seasonal variation)

Technical and economical solution alternatives for waste management that are tailored for each cluster

Ultimate solutions, economic models, and investment opportunities

Type of Waste

Municipal solid waste

Construction and demolition waste

Health care waste

Marine waste

Agricultural waste

Green waste

Industrial waste and scrap waste

Sludge waste

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